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Magazine RichWell

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"A quote from Magazine RichWell would be right here".  

Magazine Richwell

For the world’s most to be proven enigmatic rapper, singer/songwriter and rising star Magazine RichWell, getting to display the variety of her artistic skill with creative license from the beginning was a dream come true. Not only for herself, but the multitude of individuals that have embraced her in some of her most intimate and vulnerable settings. “It’s like tight rope walking”, describes the 5 charismatic model of fashion and everything strange. “Not even I myself can ever tell what or who I am going reflect when sharing thereby my name Magazine RichWell stands for something so much more than glamour, it truly is change by the cover”. A stomach dropping rush felt by what she considers to be fan-peers instigates her performances.

“They just never know what they are going to get”.
The only thing that they know for sure is that her work is different, catchy, and they like it; songs that will stick with them for the remainder of their lives to be used in a conglomerate of life’s ceremonial libations. Magazine’s fan-peer base is just as diverse as members of the United Nations. “Promoting world peace is not at the top of my list but it surely does feel good to see an Asian fresh out of Japan standing along side a Black and White American with their children all singing the hook to “What Would You Do!”.

Magazine’s career began in the United States where she proclaimed her re-birth in Atlanta Georgia. Her first single I Should Say was produced in the studio of Southern Bellez and 4Ever Real Entertainment. Before she was put to the test of recording her single, the Steady Grindin’ clique examined her level of maturity with regard to being a part of the group as they knew that the odd rapper definitely stood out with obscure clothing and behavior. The Steady Grindin Clique assigned Magazine duties to write a hook, appear on and name her first collaborative song Go Get Em Girl, guest appear on a song totally designed for the streets I Do This which are both featured on the Steady Grindin’ Friday tha 13th Mixtape. Flying colors described RichWell’s tenacity to keep current with the hoodest of Rap and stage shows—appearing on stage at JPaul’s and Candy Shop with Steady Grindin’—however, she and everyone in the clique knew that she was destined for so much more. Every song that Magazine has written and recorded has a different tone to it making all of them eligible to fit into more than one genre.

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